The Final 30 – My Weight-Loss Journey Inspired Her’s

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Today I went to get weighed in at the MediFast Weight Control Center location at Alexander Place in Raleigh. I was really excited to find out how much I had lost since the previous week. While there my counselors Karen, Mary, and AZ introduced me to Theresa (pictured above). Theresa mentioned that she had heard me on the radio (The Light 103.9FM) talking about my weight-loss with MediFast. She mentioned that she decided to start her weight loss journey with MediFast after hearing me talk about an embarrassing situation at Kings Dominion many years ago when I tried to ride the Rebel Yell but was unable to because the safety bar would not lock down over me. Take a listen:

My Roller Coaster Nightmare (Audio)

Theresa went on to say that it was my story that had motivated and inspired her to make a change in her life and I was floored. In the 7 months since joining MediFast I had never met anyone who started the program because of me although Karen mentioned that folks had been dropping by the centers to inquire about their services because they heard me on the radio endorsing it.

My visit to MediFast was an amazing experience today even though I didn’t lose any weight; It happens from time to time. On a positive note, meeting Theresa and hearing her story is a true example of how we are never alone in our struggles. I wish Theresa the best on her journey.

By the way…I did get to ride on several roller coasters back in August 2012 at Carowinds Amusement Park in SC. Two of my friends Janella and Church accompanied me on the trip and we had a blast. Check out the video:

My Roller Coaster Dream Come True (Video)

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