Your Emotional Investment = Weight Loss Success

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The process of weight loss is more emotional than physical. You can keep telling yourself “I wanna lose the weight” and “I’m going to lose it” but until you become Emotionally Invested in making it happen for yourself, it’s just waste of time.

For example: You can perform for your friends and family at the dinner table with your “Diet Sodas,” “Salads” and your “Dressing On The Side” all the while you’ve already eaten at the KFC down the road 30 minutes prior leaving your discarded Value Meal box in the car to throw away at work because you don’t want your family to see it and ask questions. I’ve been there before; It “was” my reality.

I realized that doing a weight loss program for someone or for something was always a FAIL in the making. When those things/people were gone and those “I need to lose 10 pounds to get into this dress” events are over the weight comes back. Your reasons have to be concrete and unbreakable. You have to need it, want it, breathe it, and bathe in it.

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